Jen Waters

Bea’s Reconnaissance

Bea is a clothes peg ballerina on a Mission of Observation. Curious about the world beyond her immediate experience, she is touring, and sometimes happening upon locales ranging from global conflict zones to family vacation destinations and other sensitive regions. Her goal in charting these unfamiliar territories is undefined, as are the parameters of her involvement. While not fully understanding, Bea is sentient. Initially viewing from a distance, she inevitably becomes engaged in her surroundings: precariously poised amongst desert land mines; put to task sweeping after a parade; crouched in a misty battlefield.

The animated nature of these narrative vignettes is emphasized by the vivid colour, tactility and plasticity of the paint. Bea’s forays are tangibly painted, the rough texture of her tutu standing the test of her travels and unexpected exploits.

Jennifer Waters, painting, still life, Parsons, The New School, MFA, text, art, artist

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